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sensori induttivi

Inductive sensors

Inductive sensors contain a transistor oscillator whose power consumption is influenced by the approach of metals and other electrically conductive materials, eg. coal.

Laser pointers

Our laser pointers contain a high quality laser diode with red or green light, which can generate a bright point, line or cross. They are mainly used for positioning and alignment in the wood, marble and textile industry.


Photoelectric sensors work with a light source and a receiver. In diffuse-reflective and retro-reflective photoelectric switches emitter and receiver are integrated in the same unit. Through-beam photoelectric switches have a separate emitter and receiver unit.

Sensors for industrial automation

Our products meet the increasing need to automate and control industrial processes.
The wide range of inductive, capacitive, photo sensors and light barriers allows us to be presented in many industrial sectors.
Our products are complemented by the custom designs to meet your application needs.

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