About us

realizzazione puntatori laser sm prox

SM.PROX was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of SENSORMATIC group and has been dedicated to mounting and customization of the custom sensors.

The first sensors that were realized, were cylindrical inductive, done under license from the German manufacturer Rechner Industry (represented in Italy by Sensormatic).

In-depth knowledge of inductive proximity switches allowed to design and manufacture other inductives according to the customer requests, with shapes and fixing details such as rectangular, or other customizations and special wiring of sensors of various types.

SM.PROX started producing cylindrical capacitive proximity switches for standard applications, sold for Rechner Italia, also in this case with housings in specific materials suitable for the pharmaceutical and food fields, with particular shapes depending on the required fixing.

There have also been developed inductive sensors for high temperatures or with very low hysteresis.

The search of new markets has led SM.PROX to produce the laser pointers. The range of models of various sizes, colors, emission and power was enriched widely over the recent years.

In order to provide the market with a wide range of choice, particularly of the inductive proximity switches, SM.PROX included in the sales program also the products of other vendors, that constantly are supported in the distribution and marketing.

Thanks to its ability to adapt to the demands of a changing market, SM.PROX offers itself as an ideal supplier for companies that need sensors for the industrial automation, in large and small quantities, to get the maximum from their production.