Capacitive Sensors: Standard or with certified PTFE housing?

We at SM.Prox design and build Capacitive Sensors with standard housing, in plastic or nickel-plated brass, but also in PTFE in order to satisfy every application requirement. These types of sensors allow you to detect the level of different types of material: from powders to objects, from granules to more dense liquids or fluids, even in the food or chemical sector.
Their operation is reliable and safe even in very dusty environments, thus making them usable in many sectors.
Capacitive sensors are a valuable help in level control or position detection while the particular version with PTFE housing allows them to withstand chemical environments, as for example in the detergents industry. The Teflon enclosure has food suitability requirements according to current legislation and therefore they are perfect in detecting food products.

Finally, the various offered dimensions and detection range complete our range of products suitable for almost any application area in the industrial automation sector.

Consult the technical data sheets of the models with PNP output and 10-30Vdc power supply:
Dimensioni M30x1.5 – totalmente schermati: PNP-M30-totalmente-schermati.pdf
Dimensioni M30x1.5 – parzialmente schermati: PNP-M30-parzialmente-schermati.pdf
Diametro 30 liscio – totalmente schermato: PNP-D30-totalmente-schermato.pdf
Dimensioni M18x1 – parzialmente schermato: PNP-M18-parzialmente-schermato.pdf

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