Green beam laser pointers made in Italy by SM Prox: the excellence for your business.

puntatori laser a raggio verde made in Italy

A laser pointer is a light emitting device that generates a point, a cross or a line and which allows to carry out alignments and cuts with high precision.

Sectors of use of the green laser pointers made in Italy by Sm.Prox
Based on the color of their diode, as well as on the wavelength they produce and the power of their beam, our made in Italy laser pointers can be used for several applications and con be used for different industrial sectors including the pneumatic industry, the textile, mechanical or metallurgical industry. They are mounted with success also in the marble, granite, wood, paper and metals sectors, for precise alignments during the cutting phases.

Different models for every application need
Designed to obtain precise orientations, the green beam laser pointers made in Italy by Sm.Prox are the perfect solution in order to have an accurate reference on the surface of the target.
Made in Italy to satisfy every application need, they are of the highest quality and they are available in the wavelength of 520 nm and with powers from 0.39mW, 1 mW, 5mW, 10mW and 20mW.

On request, some models can be produced with specific line lengths and, as the laser diode is encapsulated in a anodized aluminum housing with a protective glass, they can also be used in harsh environments or with presence of water.

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