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Laser pointer application: positioning correctly is essential!

  In this case the laser pointers are used on TAC machines to indicate the exact position of the projection to the operator. It is a laser pointer with very low power but with a light signal visible enough to

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Industrial automation for the growth of your production: the advantages

Automatic production is a central requirement for manufacturing factories as it uses mechanical, electronic and IT technologies to control production processes. Industrial automation provides several advantages, among which the most important are: the reduction of production costs and greater flexibility

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Proximity sensors: why choose inductive proximity switches?

Inductive proximity switches are sensors capable of detecting the presence of objects in the immediate proximity of its sensitive side without physical contact.

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The new catalogue has arrived!

Find out how to get the most out of your production thanks to those products that increase the automation and control of industrial processes.

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New SM Prox Products

Would you like to get the most out of your business production? Discover the new SM Prox products! They are developed to respond in the better way to the market evolution and the growing need to automate and control industrial

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Industrial laser pointers: which use?


SM.PROX was born in 1998 as a SENSORMATIC group company dedicated to the assembly and customization of sensors. Our experience, together with the growing market need to offer custom’s solutions, has given us the possibility to develop a wide range of

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The best industrial photosensors: a closer look

The industrial photosensors are essential to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability of automation systems and complex industrial plants.

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Inductive proximity sensors: quality and precision for the metalworking and steel industry

Accurate and non-contact position detection is essential for industrial processes in the metalworking and steel industry. How to get it best? Simple, thanks to inductive proximity sensors!

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New red light laser pointer: dedicated to those who need to align precisely.

The new red light laser pointer projects a line with constant thickness at each point and it has a linearity error of only 1mm every 1000mm in length. It is perfect for those applications where fabrics need to be well

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Green beam laser pointers made in Italy by SM Prox: the excellence for your business.

puntatori laser a raggio verde made in Italy

A laser pointer is a light emitting device that generates a point, a cross or a line and which allows to carry out alignments and cuts with high precision. Sectors of use of the green laser pointers made in Italy

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