The new catalogue has arrived!

Find out how to get the most out of your production thanks to those products that increase the automation and control of industrial processes.

Our wide range of sensors and laser pointers is completed by custom executions to satisfy every application requirement.

In the latest 2019 SM.Prox catalog you will find a wide range of laser pointers.

Look for the laser pointer suitable to your application choosing between a lot of versions:

Sm.prox produces laser pointers mounting high quality red or green light laser diode. The laser pointers are used to generate a point, a line or a cross for positioning and alignment in the wood, marble and textile sector and also offers:
– Inductive sensors, which contain a transistor oscillator whose current consumption is influenced by the approach of metals and other conductive materials, such as coal;
– Photosensors, consisting of a light-emitting and a receiver diode, in diffuse-reflective, throughbeamretroreflective versions.

Thanks to its ability to find new solutions in a constant evolving market, Sm.prox offers itself as the ideal supplier for those who needs customized sensors to get the most out of his production activity.

Over the years, Sm.Prox strengthened its mission acquiring great experience in everything that has to do with industrial automation.

Contact us now to find the best solution for your application!

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