Industrial automation for the growth of your production: the advantages

Automatic production is a central requirement for manufacturing factories as it uses mechanical, electronic and IT technologies to control production processes.

Industrial automation provides several advantages, among which the most important are: the reduction of production costs and greater flexibility in production capacity.

SMPROX supplies the best sensors and photosensors suitable for the most different application needs and produces laser pointers.

Discover our products for the industrial automation!

Inductive proximity sensors of the two SM.PROX and VASTLY-E lines: these sensors have a sensitive side which is able to detect the presence of metal objects without a direct contact. Proximity sensors can be mounted on machines as limit switches or position sensors and are used for monitoring and positioning, as distance and speed meters, but also in many other applications for the improvement of industrial automation.

  • Photosensors: made up of a light emitting and a receiver diode. These devices detect using the direct reflection, retroreflection or the through beam detection methods.
  • Laser pointers: they are used in various industrial sectors to improve the alignment of pieces, for example during the cutting of materials. The laser pointers can generate a point, a cross or a line in order to allow precise alignments.

There are different versions according to the color of the diode, the wavelength and the power of the beam; look into our catalog to find out more!



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