Industrial laser pointers: which use?

SM.PROX was born in 1998 as a SENSORMATIC group company dedicated to the assembly and customization of sensors. Our experience, together with the growing market need to offer custom’s solutions, has given us the possibility to develop a wide range of special solutions, while the search for new markets has led us to study and to realize the industrial laser pointers.

Each of our industrial laser pointer has an excellent quality laser diode, which can create a point, a line or a cross in red or green light.  The laser diode emits a monochromatic and rectilinear beam of concentrated and extremely collimated light, whose brightness is greater than the traditional light sources. Which are the possible uses of our industrial laser pointers?

The possible applications of use of an SM.PROX industrial laser pointer are a lot: from positioning and alignment in woodworking, to marble and fabrics, including in the rubber and paper industry.

– Laser pointers in the marble processing

A SM.PROX industrial laser pointer allows you to align marble slabs on bridge saws, multi-blade saws or on work surfaces. Moreover it is possible to place correctly clamping devices, suction cups, plates or support surfaces for edge rectification, holes or cuts.

– Laser pointers for the wood industry

Each of our industrial laser pointer is suitable for wood align on multi-blade saws and for the visualization of the cutting edge. It is able to provide the visualization of the cutting line on circular and band saws, on panel machines and also on Clipper for veneering.

– Laser pointers in the tires filed

These laser pointers allow the positioning of the rubber strips or is mounted on tire changers: it is used to indicate the counterbalancing area.

– Lasers pointers for the graphic sector

These lasers pointers are applied for paper processing. Acting as an optical ruler for cutters, they mark the position on cutting machines and align the packs for cutting.

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