The best industrial photosensors: a closer look

The industrial photosensors are essential to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability of automation systems and complex industrial plants.

Thanks to the photosensors that quality control can take place, as well as the total traceability of the products during the production and the sorting of materials.

Their use is not limited to this: the best industrial photosensors allow the data processing which improve the performances and the maintenance of the system; e.g. the study and prediction of certain vulnerabilities before they could take place.

Therefore the industrial photosensors have different uses: from the detection without contatc of objects, to the detection of distances, position or color, up to automatic gates and doors.

If you are looking for industrial photosensors, discover our range! Our photoelectric sensors have a light emitting and a receiving diode, which can be on the same unit – for a direct reflection or reflector detection, or on two separte units for a through beam detection. Contact us for more information!

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