Year: 2020

New series of laser pointers!

serie di puntatori laser

New laser pointer made of a hight quality green laser diode, available with 520 nm wavelength and a power of 10mW. Thanks to the anodized aluminium housing and the protection glass, it is suitable for harsh applications or ambient with

Industrial Automation in Bologna, discover SM Prox!

Industrial Automation in Bologna

Industrial Automation in Bologna, discover SM Prox! The improvement of technologies and the increase of innovations in the automation fields allows, today, its application in various sectors, especially the industrial one. Industrial automation has great advantages, both in terms of

Laser pointer application: positioning!

Laser pointers are used on slitting machines to position the flexible packing roll before cutting. Look at the catalogue:

Laser pointer application: let’s go straight!

Laser pointers are used on road marking machines to help the operator to follow the direction  in order to always spray straight lines. Look at the catalogue:

Laser pointer application: positioning correctly is essential!

  In this case the laser pointers are used on TAC machines to indicate the exact position of the projection to the operator. It is a laser pointer with very low power but with a light signal visible enough to

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Laser pointer application: Easy to see!

On the wheel balancers one laser pointer indicates the exact point to fix the weight on the wheel rim to the operator.

Industrial automation for the growth of your production: the advantages

Automatic production is a central requirement for manufacturing factories as it uses mechanical, electronic and IT technologies to control production processes. Industrial automation provides several advantages, among which the most important are: the reduction of production costs and greater flexibility

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Proximity sensors: why choose inductive proximity switches?

Inductive proximity switches are sensors capable of detecting the presence of objects in the immediate proximity of its sensitive side without physical contact.

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The new catalogue has arrived!

Find out how to get the most out of your production thanks to those products that increase the automation and control of industrial processes.

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New SM Prox Products

Would you like to get the most out of your business production? Discover the new SM Prox products! They are developed to respond in the better way to the market evolution and the growing need to automate and control industrial

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