Inductive proximity sensors: quality and precision for the metalworking and steel industry

Accurate and non-contact position detection is essential for industrial processes in the metalworking and steel industry. How to get it best? Simple, thanks to inductive proximity sensors!

An inductive sensor is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect or measure objects.
The sensor has an oscillator on its front which generates a semicircle electromagnetic field: by approaching of the metal object the field will be weaken.
This allows the sensor to detect without contact: depending on the model, the measuring distance ranges are from 0.5 to 50mm.

The use of these sensors is essential in all those industrial sectors that require extremely precise work: inductive proximity sensors, in fact, represent the most economical and technically correct solution.

SM Prox is active in the production of inductive sensors that can be mounted on machines such as limit switches, non-contact position sensors for monitoring and positioning, such as pulse generators for counts, distance and speed meters and many other applications. Contact us for more information!

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